Maestro “All you need in a Karaoke”


Magic Star exclusively brings you the latest Karaoke that allows users to have the real USB song update, the Maestro copies new tracks from the USB and add them to the existing Karaoke microSD card giving users access to latest songs online at

Premium features like a fully functional remote controller, two (2) UHF wireless Karaoke microphone with advance controls and a mobile Karaoke remote control app for both iOS and Android smart phones.

The HDMI output gives you clear multi-media playback that supports formats like mkv, mp4, avi, mpg and much more with a 720px HD maximum resolution. Access your USB drive or USB hard drive up to 2TB and play your favorite multimedia files with ease.

Maestro allows you to connect additional 2 microphone inputs at the front panel for singing with friends and family. Advance song recording captures your experience and can be replayed before saving to mp3 file directly on the USB. New functions like Applause, Vocals ON/OFF and BGV are just some of the latest additions. Now you can Customize your Background Video using your own video. Plug & Play connectivity, easily connects to your existing Audio and Video equipments either by HDMI or RCA, or HDMI Video and RCA Audio.

The Elegant, sleek and compact design allows convenient setup and display. Maestro is portable and also comes with the it's exclusive travel bag that lets you store everything easily, a perfect travel companion for hours of Karaoke that you can share with friend and family.



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  1. ajapinasen
    I am wondering how to use the Bluetooth feature of this device to connect to other Bluetooth speaker devices. I was looking for the Manual on the internet so I could find it out but it is not available on line. 1. On my personal experience, many songs are sounding deteriorated, not high quality songs (I am using Magic Star Reconnect Hybrid Sound Bar Speaker) many songs are loud and many are soft (so you need to adjust the volume every songs). 2. The Microphone keyboard is hard to press. 3. Microphones are poor SPL (Sound Pressure Level) so you need to sing loud or attach your mouth closely to the microphone (is this an ANALOG mic?). 4. Material used to the microphone is not durable for a long period of years. 5. I was expecting that all songs are in HD, since this is the latest (2018) product where high quality is on demand. 6. Quite expensive with low quality as mentioned above.
    • There is a manual can subscribe to Magic Star Channel in Youtube and you will see the a demo video there about Maestro

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