5 Easy Tips to become Great at Karaoke

Posted on : 10 January 2024

Okay okay so you are here because you would like information on buying a Karaoke machine, and yes by browsing through the site you will most certainly find the information you are after, however we thought it would be useful to have a list of helpful tips for all of those Karaoke enthusiasts out there that are in search of showing off their skills either at home or in public.

Here are 5 Easy Tips to become Great at Karaoke:

1. Pick recognized songs – Make sure that you pick a song that most people will easily recognize and enjoy listening to. This means that you will most likely want to steer clear of death metal or alternatively overly depressing type music.

2. Choose a funny song – Now although this is not compulsory by any means, you will surely get a much better reaction if you make a mistake while singing something funny, rather than attempting to sing something serious and overly technical.

3. Focus and memorize only one song – It’s important that you memorize the lyrics of the song at home. Go over and over until you will feel extremely comfortable about performing the song in front of an audience and without having to read all the lyrics on the screen. This will then allow you to focus on your positioning on stage which will no doubt improve your performance, not to mention your confidence. Once you have mastered one song you can then choose another.

4. Performance on Stage – Following on from tip 3, once you have memorized the lyrics and you feel comfortable on stage, it’s important that you work the audience by not standing still the whole time. Waving your arms and gesturing to the audience is a great way of getting their attention and no doubt will love it if you are able to impress them with some tricky moves.

5. Rinse and Repeat – Follow tips 1 to 4 over and over until you have a list of 5 -10 songs you feel comfortable singing. After you have mastered one, the audience will most likely beg you to sing more and once you can prove to them that you are not a one hit wonder, you will be classed as a great karaoke singer!

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