Powerful Boombox

Posted on : 15 January 2024

Magic Star product range includes the elegant and powerful Boombox variants such as compact Bluetooth speakers and outdoor trolley speakers. Magic Star compact Bluetooth speakers include BB3000 and NFC speakers. With the stylish and conveniently small build, you simply can’t resist taking it with you wherever you go. The NFC Speaker is another Portable Wireless Speaker with Hands-free Smartphone: It is the ultimate hands-free, wireless solution for listening to music and sound from your phone or tablet.

Magic Star Outdoor trolley speakers variants include Boombox Outdoor BB170X Party Rocker and Boombox Outdoor BB02 DJ Mixer Party Speaker. Magic Star’s new outdoor trolley speakers boast of party light disco ball to rock the party with your friends and families. The Magic Star boombox is known for its exquisite speaker output.

The Party Rocker has a digital echo karaoke and built-in FM tuner. The BB170X trolley speaker has a brilliant RGB Lighting effect. If you are alone or bored, then tune your favorite channel with FM Radio in the boombox. Carry it anywhere you want. With its larger battery capacity, the powerful boombox can be used for hours until the next recharge. Magic Star powerful boombox allows you to enjoy each moment with your family and friends and make it a memorable one.

The new addition to the powerful Boombox range is the Boombox BB02 DJ Mixer Party Speaker. The premium feature of the product is that is its wooden finish. It has multi lighting mode complete with DJ effects such as scratch, reverb, beatbox, Yeah. The DJ Mixer has 2 USB input ports where you can play two music at a time. Have fun at your home or outside with outdoor trolley speakers. The extrinsic feature of the DJ mixer is that it has the total amplifier Max Power Output is 100 Watts. It has protective perforated steel grille.Rechargeable Battery of the trolley speaker is powered by 4.5AH/12Volt battery with playtime of 6 hours until your next recharge.

Get your powerful Boombox Outdoor BB02 DJ Mixer Party Speaker and start becoming the DJ host of your weekend parties.

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