WOOCS 2.1.4


Maestro “All you need in a Karaoke”

Magic Star exclusively brings you the latest Karaoke that allows users to have the real USB song update, the Maestro copies new tracks from the USB and add them to the existing Karaoke microSD card giving users access to latest songs online at Premium features like a fully functional remote controller, two (2) UHF…
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HAPPY EID AL-ADHA! May you have a wonderful Eid al-Adha! What are your plans for the long holiday? Spending time with your family and your real friends is a good thing. Thinking of a worthwhile bonding activity ? Sing with them! MAGIC STAR The Ultimate Smart Machine 3 in 1 Android Karaoke Speaker lets you…
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Magic Star in every home

Magic Star in every Home For those who likes singing with some friends or family, karaoke is an ideal entertainment option. A lot of people are spending their money going out to karaoke bars instead of having their own karaoke set at home which might help them to save more and they can even practice…
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5 Easy Tips to become Great at Karaoke

5 Easy Tips to become Great at Karaoke Okay okay so you are here because you would like information on buying a Karaoke machine, and yes by browsing through the site you will most certainly find the information you are after, however we thought it would be useful to have a list of helpful tips…
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